Ant Control in Harrow

Ant Control harrow


Garden ants are one of two main species of ants that commonly cause big problems in Harrow and all over the UK. The worker garden ants are black in colour. The queen ant is 10mm long which is much larger than the worker ants which are 3 – 4mm long. Queen and male ants are only have wings during the mating season in the summer time. At this time you can spot them flying and mating in the air. The males die after mating and the queen returns to the nest and loses her wings. Garden ants make their way into homes as they forage for food. They particularly favour sweet foods. To control garden ants requires a specialist ant control treatment to destroy the entire nest.


One of the first steps we take in eradicating your ant infestation is identify the type of ant that is creating your problem. This will be done by one of our qualified ant exterminators, as the species of ant determines the type of treatment needed. The next step in ant control and eradication in Harrow, is a complete inspection of your home. We will find all the crevices where ants can get into your home and will then treat your home with the proper insecticides to end the infestation and control it in the future. Insecticides are dangerous chemicals and should only be administered by one of our trained ant controllers.

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