Squirrel Control Harrow


Squirrel control harrow

In Harrow grey squirrels are most common. They are medium sized squirrels with dark to pale grey backs and tinted with reddish coloration on their hips, feet and head. Generally, there is not much of a variation between males and females in colour or size.


Grey squirrels in Harrow have two breeding seasons per year in December to February and May to June. Females squirrels tend to have two litters per year, one from each season that they breed in. There are generally up to 3 individuals per litter. The winter litter is generally smaller than the summer litter. Both male and female squirrels remain reproductively active throughout their entire lives.


Squirrels can adapt to any situation that confronts them. Squirrel nests are called a drey. If you hear noises coming from your loft or attic it is very likely that you have an uninvited squirrel that has settled in your home. A very common complaint is hearing lots of scratching. This can be a sign that a female squirrel is preparing to have her litter. This should be addressed immediately by a professional squirrel controller. The litter will grow older and cause damage to your home in Harrow.


We offer prevention and eradication of squirrels, and will assist you with problems caused by squirrels. We also remove dead squirrels which can cause a foul smell in your home if you they die between your walls or anywhere in your Harrow home. Our technicians are fully qualified and experienced to eradicate your squirrel problems with the most effective, fastest and safest methods.


Our squirrel control experts can eradicate nuisance squirrels from inside your Harrow covering attic or loft too, by a using the most effective methods. After eradication of the squirrels we will furthermore aid you in proofing your home to decrease re-infestations.


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