Moth Control Harrow


Moth Control harrow

Clothes Moths (also called carpet moths or textile moths) are a common household pest in Harrow. Moths through four stages (full life cycle) the egg, larvae, pupae (cocoon) and adult moth. It is the larval stage which will cause the most damage to fabrics that contain wool. They grow up to around half an inch long and an adult moth has creamy/ gold coloured wings. Moths love to attack natural fibres, in particular wool. Contrary to popular belief, clothes moths rarely fly towards light. Any flying textile moth is usually male as females tend to just hop around on the floor in dark and uninterrupted locations in search of breeding sites.

The period between egg to adult emerging can take about six weeks in the right conditions. Clothes moth control treatment is best carried out by professional pest controllers. We provide a professional fumigation service treating all skirting areas, ceilings, carpets and wardrobes including any infected furniture in your home in Harrow and surrounding areas.

We are able to use many different forms of treatments to control carpet moths. You may be asked to prepare the property prior to your treatment by one of our trained moth control technicians. For the most trustworthy moth eradication and prevention team contact us today.

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